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Scenario Planning (Military) Software

Scenario Planning (Military) (Strategy, Management)
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5 April 2008

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Organizations today are always in lookout for innovative techniques that can help them in evolving their business strategies. Now boardrooms and battlefields have lot in common as in both cases the situation is fluid and continuously evolving. The insights and knowledge that scenario planning in military intelligence offered can easily be transferred to a corporate battlefield through the help of the remarkable Scenario Planning (Military) Software 2.0. The application boasts of replicating crucial facts like demographics, plausible alternatives along with factors like economic, environmental, educational aspects into a business strategy and essentially uses them to plot the strategy in a comprehensible manner.

Scenario Planning (Military) Software sports a neat interface that has an intuitive feel to it. The exclusive function of the software includes the process of creating a strategic diagram with the process of clicking and adding nodes linking them with each other. A single click on the nodes facilitates color changes and a double click to remove a model or framework that is not required. The interactive working of the software allows critical evaluation by strategists and business planners who wish to have an unbiased tool offering key links to achieving business goals. Analysts and thinkers can use the software for subjective interpretations and of facts and shift values aiming at structural dynamics to develop scenarios as per critical situations demand and need.

Scenario Planning (Military) Software 2.0 comes across as a class leading strategy tool that can help organizations to achieve competitive advantage. The application receives a score of 4 rating points for its stellar performance and its powerful logical engine e that works wonder in plotting applicable strategies. The application is likely to find many takers amongst sales and marketing teams in organizations where high growth is always appreciated.

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Scenario Planning (Military) (Strategy, Management):
Scenario planning or scenario thinking is a strategic planning method that some organizations use to make flexible long-term plans. It is in large part an adaptation and generalization of classic methods used by military intelligence.
The basic method is that a group of analysts generate simulation games for policy makers. The games combine known facts about the future, such as demographics, geography, military, political, industrial information, and mineral reserves, with plausible alternative social, technical, economic, environmental, educational, political and aesthetic (STEEEPA) trends which are key driving forces.
Scenario planning can include systems thinking elements that are difficult to formalize, such as subjective interpretations of facts, shifts in values, new regulations or inventions. When scenario planning is integrated with a systems thinking approach to scenario development, it is known as structural dynamics.
Scenario Planning (Military) Software
Scenario Planning (Military) Software
Version 2.0
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